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Using The Right Search Terms

This step by step how to select search terms guide is designed to help you find the best search terms and keyword phrases to bring the desired target audience to your website.  Use this guide to narrow your search term list down to 3 or 4 search terms or keyword phrases.  If your idea is big you will still only be able to cover one topic per page.  You will market each of your selling pages independently.  To use these search terms to search engine optimize effectively you will also have to have a certain keyword density.  Understanding these SEO basics will be discussed further in the step by step marketing guide so let’s get back to search terms and keyword phrases.  Remember this research is needed for EVERY page you create. You can view my results of this how to select keywords guide by viewing the post How to be a Webmaster Lessons: Search Term Analysis Example

Step by Step Guide on how to select search terms and keywords phrases

1.  Start by thinking about the writing styles of your target audience profile.  Do they speak formally, casually, do they commonly use acronyms, slang etc.?

2.  Think of all the search terms this group uses when describing the need or want you are looking to provide a solution to.  Make a list of these search terms in a word document as you go hit enter between each search term or keyword phrase so it becomes a column that you can just copy and paste later.

3.  Add questions to this list that one might ask that your website provides the answer to.

4.  Go to the google keyword search tool and paste these search terms where it says words or phrases.  Don’t worry about website or category right now; you can just leave these blank.

5.  View your search term results and the subsequent suggestions provided by the keyword tool.  This seems like a lot to narrow and it is difficult to narrowing this list into 3 or 4 keywords or keyword phrases.  Think about what you learned from your target audience analysis and niche marketing analysis.  Once you feel you have a complete list of the best keywords and keyword phrases click the download button and download this search term list onto an excel sheet.  The image below shows where you can find this download option:


6.  Start the narrowing processes

  • Delete any search terms you know the inquirer is searching for a specific product of another companies unless you are offering it
  • Eliminate any search terms or keyword phrases that have too high of a competition rate.  If your viewing this on your excel sheet you will see the competition in a .xx format instead of the low, medium, and high you see when using the adwords tool.  I would stay under .6 if you are a new webmaster with a low marketing budget trying to compete against pre-established sites
  • Delete search terms or keyword phrases that you can not use fluidly when discussing your subject matter
  • Search remaining search terms and keyword phrases in google and see who the competition is.  If one of those search terms or keyword phrases is dominated by google, amazon, or other giant companies with sub-pages to their networks delete it.
Of the remaining search terms favor
  • The search terms most specific to your niche marketing profile
  • The search terms that correspond with the target audience’s level of expertise on your topic.  Meaning if you are trying to appeal to beginners of a particular subject matter look for words that do not contain any intermediate or advanced knowledge of the topic.
  • Favor phrases that contain buy or purchase in them
  • Favor search terms and phrases you can repeat several times when discussing your topic; such as key words or keyword phrases that you can easily start sentences with.
  • The lowest competition and highest monthly inquiries

With everything you have researched and created so far you may be ready to purchase your domain names.  I recommend doing so at

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Move on to your search engine optimization guide which is the next step in your step by step marketing guide or number 6. in your Step by Step guide How to Be a Webmaster


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